Theological Studies and Learning About Myself

58940011 Studying with such a wide variety of individuals representing several denominations, backgrounds, cultures and life experiences is the most revealing part of this theological pursuit.  It’s one thing to read content, it’s wholly another to hear the revelations and wonderings of my fellow students as I discern God’s message to me and the one I’m to give to others.

Rt. 283

I have a neat back road way to travel between Lancaster PA and Wilmington DE that has several farms and open roads with not too many Amish buggies. It wasn’t difficult to manage in the winter though I didn’t go when it had snowed hard, or if it was late when I left school. 

It’s my favorite secret passageway.  The young Amish boys on their scooters wave hello to me.  The young men with their team of horses and a wagon wave greetings too.  I love slowing down to give the clip-clop, clip-clop horse drawn buggies respect and wide berth.