Meditation of the Heart (Yaconelli) Day 9

The word for today is “passion”. Mark Yaconelli reminds us that God has made each of us to embody and reflect the light of God.  The God who knit us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13) created each of us with a particular gift, a particular way of being and, a unique purpose that God longs for us to carry out into the world  This calling, this way of being, is our passion. It’s the place, Fredrick Beuchner defines as, “where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  It’s that deep seeded desire trying to be birthed from you and which you don’t want to live without.

Yet, often we miss the opportunities to join in the sacred act of creating something with God. We think our painting is no good, or our music as mundane. We keep to ourselves rather than becoming involved in our communities where lively interactions can make a difference in the world. We cordon ourselves off from our emotions, from our desires, from the impulse to care for fear that we will be overwhelmed and lose our own identify.

Audre Lorde, in her essay, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power, defines the erotic as an internal requirement toward excellence. The range of human passion (or eros) is a wide spectrum of awareness and responsiveness to our natural world which varies from enjoying the pleasure of a beautiful field of flowers to the passion that provides heroic acts or destructive hate. Deeper than gender delineation the concept of eros is the primal pulse of life. It is the personification of love in all its aspects with creative power and harmony.

The Holy Truth is that we find ourselves when we surrender to the God’s impulse.  Ah! But that’s what we fear too.

The tension mounts as we want to makes our lives and our children’s lives more rich, more meaningful, more unique and valued; yet, we bury the very sacred seed of passion, the erotic impulse, out of fear. Yet, wasn’t it this impulse to change things for the better that Jesus worked with?  Didn’t Christ use his passion to heal, to reconcile, to demand justice and provide a vision of a better way to live?

This is my prayer, to live with and for passion.  passion burning heart

Permeating Eros, Spirit that dwells in every desire and relationship,

You are the impulse of God’s love.

Take my life and let it be consecrated to a Holy Passion.

Let my will be guided by you and be no longer mine for selfish gain.

Let me not fear the power within creativity and pleasure;

Direct it to serve, to lift up and, to love beyond the boundary of my doors.

Divine inspiration, you are both food and that which is produced. 

In the created world You propel us forward into work and relationships which

In return produces the artwork of life, lived together to be savored and celebrated.

Passion mandela quote on hand

Psalm Poem – To Getting Through, I Say, Yes!

To Getting Through, I Say, Yes!
Fa Lane

Ughh, finally the day is ended.  Yes!

I’ve had too many thoughts that make me feel low or scare me.
I want to release them when my God says “give me your burdens.”
I’ll shove them away and say, Yes!

I’m not sure about the things I learned about myself today.
I don’t like having to decide what’s best because the choices are hard.
I don’t want to keep moving as I always have.
Instead, I just want a Savior to take over and let me say “Yes!”

I have my doubts about my abilities;
I feel I don’t have the right education;
My family is a pressure to keep status quo.
And yet, I feel God nudging me into a new life; and I WANT to say, Yes!

But what is familiar is comfortable.
What is familiar is manageable.
What is familiar is even tolerable… I’ve done it so far.
But, it’s not entirely the thing to which I can say, Yes!

I’ve come to the end of my day.
Now, Lord, I’ll just mull it over with you.
I pray that you will give me some light,
some inspiration, some people in my life
to help me through to the next part –
the new life you have already prepared for me.

To Your help, to Your rest this evening,
to getting through to the Life you have prepared for me,

I say, Yes!