Psalm Poem – Evening Breeze

Evening Breeze
Fa Lane

A faint breeze cools my brow as I lay under the night blanket.

Its sweet scent tingles pleasure with day’s spent energy.

Lord, the day offered me opportunities and regretfully, I wasted time.

Forgive me for not using my resources well.

Holy One, let this evening breeze usher in freshness, release from regret, and inspired renewal.

As I sleep, fill my spirit with courage, insight and energy.

Beloved, blanket me with your mercy so I can share it in the new day.

Psalm Poem – Empty Handed

Empty Handed
Fa Lane

As evening comes and the sun slips behind the trees, I sense that all is slipping away –

My resolve, my vision, my determination to do better today than I did yesterday.

Instead, I sigh into my chair feeling completely empty handed.

I arrive at dusk’s light with nothing to offer as proof that I made a difference today.

And, yet, my Lord receives me.

Perhaps it’s because I AM empty that my God has a special reception for me.

I have no energy because I spent it on others today.

I have no imagination because I shared it with others today.

I have no ax to grind because I worked hard for justice today.

The Lord prepares a table before me to sustain me through the night.

Surely, goodness and mercy will flow upon me in my dreams.

I retreat, empty handed, and look to tomorrow with its renewal.