Poem Draw Me Nearer

Draw Me Nearer Flowers on water Sagittaria-subulata-flowers
Fa Lane


O My Heart’s Desire
Dip me deep beneath the surface


Let me glide effortlessly to you in the center of life
in the depth of senses
in the nook of what can be possible


Draw me into the cubby that fits my shape
that serves my work
that protects my heart
that prospers my contentment

Meditations of the Heart (Thurman) Day 24

Based on Rev. Thurman’s meditation, I have modified his entry: God is With Me (p48)

God is with me, bigger than any concept I can imagine, more pervasive that than I can express.

God is with me, in expressions of orderliness, beauty, wonder and delight. As consistent as sunrise and sunset, fleeting and precious as a cloud, a warming as a dear friend or lover.

God is with me, in a mother’s touch for a little boy’s wounded knee; in the generosity of a hot cup of coffee on a cold day; in the risk of helping a stranger; in the unexpected moments of glee that becomes contagious to all those around it.

God is with me, in the granting of kindness, the shared moment of mercy, the passion that stirs us and moves us.heart stone in hands