Psalm Poem – Bless This Human Body

Bless This Human Body
Fa Lane

Bless these feet Lord, so that as they walk me into my work, I do not trample, kick or crush.

Bless my legs Lord, so that they carry me into the world with courage, a sense of purpose and endurance.

Bless my hips, Beloved, that I may sway and dance, rise and work, press and love to the fullest.

Caress my spine, O God, to strengthen it with patience and flexibility, with stamina and compassion.

Cradle my shoulders, Divine Yoke, so that the burdens I carry are light.

Help me to reach up and over and out and then fold in on those who need protection and comfort.

Make my arms long enough to extend an invitation to someone who is hurting.

Bless the work of my hands

In the cupping of fingers,

In the stroking of hair,

In the threading of needles

Multiply the fruits of my hands

While listening to others and providing comfort

While opening doors and building homes

While earning money to support families

Oh Divine Presence, be in my head, my mouth and my heart so that I live from out of a higher dimension while I am incorporated in this human body.  And, for my part, I will release this body to your service. Amen.