Meditations of the Heart (Thurman) Section 2 Day 9

Humor, Thurman says, is something we all need.
But he’s clear that humor might not be laughter, or a smile, but rather, “an attitude toward experience.”

I notice he doesn’t stop that sentence with it’s “an attitude”, rather he says it’s “an attitude toward an experience.”Humor for Christians

It relies on some measure of objectivity which he calls “the inspired ability to step aside and see one’s self go by.”  With this perspective many thing fall into place, and; that which doesn’t belong becomes the source of overtone, the chuckle (of humor) restores balance.

In our self-absorbed world, that consistently markets to the desire of the individual, for the one person to grasp what the individual wants often in opposition to the benefit of the whole, humor indeed is a rare commodity. One to be desired more than what our advertisements and well meaning ‘experts’ or ‘leaders’ or ‘parents’ suggest.