Musings … Ramdom thoughts on just about anything

As I was filling my bird feeder the other day, the seed got caught at the pitcher’s pour opening because too many seeds had jammed together trying to get out.  It occurred to me that happens in our weekly lives whebirdfood pitchern we are trying to do too much and nothing gets done well.

To be productive, to be efficient, I had to clear the opening of the pitcher.  I jostled the pitcher to release the seeds and then tried again.  So, how would this work in my life say, when I’ve got too many assignments and promises to complete?

I’ve got to clear out some of the jammed up seeds that I THINK will nourish me – books to read, planning emails to answer, worship, laundry to do, lunch to pack for work, etc. The way I jostle myself is to take a 15 minute walk.  It does SO much good in keeping my back from going out and relieves headaches; it gets my breath flowing deeply and regularly; it gives my mind space to prioritize and; it provides a walking meditation to remember who I am, why I am here and what I’m going to do about it.