Poem Draw Me Nearer

Draw Me Nearer Flowers on water Sagittaria-subulata-flowers
Fa Lane


O My Heart’s Desire
Dip me deep beneath the surface


Let me glide effortlessly to you in the center of life
in the depth of senses
in the nook of what can be possible


Draw me into the cubby that fits my shape
that serves my work
that protects my heart
that prospers my contentment

Poem Come, My Lovely Friend

Come, My Lovely Friend
Fa Lane

It’s in the small ways that you greet me with eyes dancing.

It’s in the bounce of your step as you arrive expectant of joy to come.

It’s the endearing way you pause and wait for my answer.

I tremble, just a little, knowing we will soon keep company.

Come, my lovely friend.  You are welcome and waited for.

Let us enter the silence of hearts entwined and be content.

Psalm Poem – To Getting Through, I Say, Yes!

To Getting Through, I Say, Yes!
Fa Lane

Ughh, finally the day is ended.  Yes!

I’ve had too many thoughts that make me feel low or scare me.
I want to release them when my God says “give me your burdens.”
I’ll shove them away and say, Yes!

I’m not sure about the things I learned about myself today.
I don’t like having to decide what’s best because the choices are hard.
I don’t want to keep moving as I always have.
Instead, I just want a Savior to take over and let me say “Yes!”

I have my doubts about my abilities;
I feel I don’t have the right education;
My family is a pressure to keep status quo.
And yet, I feel God nudging me into a new life; and I WANT to say, Yes!

But what is familiar is comfortable.
What is familiar is manageable.
What is familiar is even tolerable… I’ve done it so far.
But, it’s not entirely the thing to which I can say, Yes!

I’ve come to the end of my day.
Now, Lord, I’ll just mull it over with you.
I pray that you will give me some light,
some inspiration, some people in my life
to help me through to the next part –
the new life you have already prepared for me.

To Your help, to Your rest this evening,
to getting through to the Life you have prepared for me,

I say, Yes!

Psalm Poem – I Wait for You

I Wait for You    
Fa Lane

Lord today may I see your face in everyone I meet.

O Holy One, may I send out the warmth of your love in each conversation.

Radiant One, may I reflect your goodness, your patience, your encouragement into this world that is full of disdain, intolerance, mistrust and doubt.

Oh, Best Comforter, grant me ears to listen to the woes and complaints of others without being drawn into judgment, but rather drawn into compassion.

Creator Divine, may I provide shelter and sustenance for hearts that are hurting.

Delicate Arbiter, show me options and solutions that are win-win; that promote reconciliation and bring forth the best in others.

O Source of Trust, show me again today your benevolent ways that open my heart and lighten my way.

Watching for miracles and living for love I wait for your arrival.

Psalm Poetry – Help Me Be Aware Today

Help Me Be Aware Today  (based on Psalm 20)
Fa Lane

Oh good God, can you hear my morning distress?

Can you keep me from bumbling through my day – not missing deadlines or burning the potatoes or stepping on the cat because I’m not paying attention?

-Help me from way down deep within to be aware today.

-Shout out when I’m about to offend someone.

-Arrest my angry thoughts and wishes.

May my burnt potatoes remind me of burnt offerings,

May the deadlines remind me that you are timeless.

And the poor cat, Dear One, reminds me of the many pleasures you have sent me.

You are beyond our human existence and yet you are interested in us, Thank you!

What a loving and magnanimous Presence You are to be mindful of us!

May I bring that love into the world and have victory over my foibles this day.

Others may trust in their wealth or their intellect. I am brought to my knees, being without these, and salute you whom I trust beyond all that is earthly.