Sabeel Wave of Prayer 5/21/15

Wave of Prayer: This prayer ministry enables local and international friends of Sabeel to pray over regional concerns on a weekly basis. Sent to Sabeel’s network of supporters, the prayer is used in services around the world and during Sabeel’s Thursday Communion service; as each community in its respective time zone lifts these concerns in prayer at noon every Thursday, this “wave of prayer” washes over the world.

abeel Wave of Prayer

May 21, 2015

Last week the Vatican officially recognized the state of Palestine in a treaty between the two. This news came just days before the canonization by Pope Francis of two 19th-century Palestinian nuns, the first Palestinian saints of modern times.  Lord, we are grateful for the hope and joy their sainthood brought to the Palestinian people and for the inspiration they gave for lives dedicated to God and community work. Lord in your mercy…

Thousands of young Israelis mostly from right-wing yeshivas danced and sang throughout the Muslim Quarter of the Old City during the annual “march of the flags” on Jerusalem Day.  This march marks Israel’s seizure of East Jerusalem during the 1967 Six-Day War and later its annexation, a move never recognized by the international community.    Lord, we pray that instead of declaring Jerusalem the capital “of the Jewish people alone” and showing domination over the indigenous Palestinian population, Israeli leaders and right-wing groups will seek peace based on true justice.  Lord in your mercy…

In the West Bank this past weekend, a photographer captured shocking images of Israeli soldiers spraying a young child with “skunk water” during the town of Kafr Qaddum’s weekly march.  Lord, we pray for the Palestinian people, especially the children, living in dangerous and inhumane conditions under Israel’s military might.  Lord in your mercy…

Lord, we pray for our programs this week, including a joint Sabeel Jerusalem-Nazareth youth educational trip in Jerusalem.  We also ask for your blessings as we plan for our November 2015Witness Trip to the Holy Land, led by Sabeel founder and father of Palestinian Liberation Theology, Rev. Naim Ateek.  Lord in your mercy…

We pray alongside the World Council of Churches for the countries of Malawi and Zambia.  Lord in your mercy…

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