Meditations of the Heart (Thurman) 14

Rev. Thurman talks about two kinds of Ideals: The ultimate and far off; and the stuff of life that is not separate from what a person knows as her/his daily life.

He whispers a hope that one day the two will be, in time, one piece. “The present every-achieving ideal is seen as the nearer end of the far reaching and ultimate ideal.

What is your ultimate and far off ideal?  I envision citizens of the world working to overcome challenges through shared work that strives to achieve what is good for everyone one involved.  It may not be the best answer, because sometimes the ‘best’ remedy is the best for one set of persons but not for all.  I’d like to see a world where we can say, “this is good enough because we are all served by it”.  Rather, what I now experience is groups getting the best edge or return on investment or medical care as if to say, you don’t deserve this, or if you get some, I won’t have enough.  Rather, I’d like to see decisions made for the good of the whole.  The fictional Vulcan philosophy; the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  Thanks Gene Roddenberry for a vision of the future where we’ve overcome competition and the sense of ‘not enough’.

What is your ideal for your more immediate possibilities? hmmmm, the IDEAL… do we even consider thinking of ideals for the living of our every day lives?  I mean, an ideal is something perfect.  What would be perfect, in light of my social location, gifts, skills and sensibilities? Now, there is something to be really honest about because it calls me to a higher version of myself.  And, let’s be honest, if I set my sights on my higher self, it’s a little scarey.  I mean, what if I don’t make it?  If I set out to do something, and it turns out to be a bad idea, then I risk looking like a fool.

But, the idea that Thurman suggests, that my more immediate possibilities (made possible by trying to be my higher self) may one day dovetail to the ultimate ideals keeps me from turning tail and running from aspiring to be my best self.

Dovetail cut

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