Meditations of the Heart (Thurman) Section 4 Day 17

Today Rev. Thurman reminds us that in all our striving and seeking God; God is seeking us. “Therefore, I will be still, I will quiet my reaching out, I will abide; for to know really that God is seeking me; to be aware of that NOW is to be found of God.”  Here’s my own way of seeking God, in the presence of others.  Seeking the Holy One in the faces of others.

I Wait for You    
Fa Lane

Lord today may I see your face in everyone I meet.

O Holy One, may I send out the warmth of your love in each conversation.

Radiant One, may I reflect your goodness, your patience, your encouragement into this world that is full of disdain, intolerance, mistrust and doubt.

Oh, Best Comforter, grant me ears to listen to the woes and complaints of others without being drawn into judgment, but rather drawn into compassion.

Creator Divine, may I provide shelter and sustenance for hearts that are hurting.

Delicate Arbiter, show me options and solutions that are win-win; that promote reconciliation and bring forth the best in others.

O Source of Trust, show me again today your benevolent ways that open my heart and lighten my way.

Watching for miracles and living for love I wait for your arrival.

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