Psalm Poetry – Help Me Be Aware Today

Help Me Be Aware Today  (based on Psalm 20)
Fa Lane

Oh good God, can you hear my morning distress?

Can you keep me from bumbling through my day – not missing deadlines or burning the potatoes or stepping on the cat because I’m not paying attention?

-Help me from way down deep within to be aware today.

-Shout out when I’m about to offend someone.

-Arrest my angry thoughts and wishes.

May my burnt potatoes remind me of burnt offerings,

May the deadlines remind me that you are timeless.

And the poor cat, Dear One, reminds me of the many pleasures you have sent me.

You are beyond our human existence and yet you are interested in us, Thank you!

What a loving and magnanimous Presence You are to be mindful of us!

May I bring that love into the world and have victory over my foibles this day.

Others may trust in their wealth or their intellect. I am brought to my knees, being without these, and salute you whom I trust beyond all that is earthly.

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