Psalm Poem – To Getting Through, I Say, Yes!

To Getting Through, I Say, Yes!
Fa Lane

Ughh, finally the day is ended.  Yes!

I’ve had too many thoughts that make me feel low or scare me.
I want to release them when my God says “give me your burdens.”
I’ll shove them away and say, Yes!

I’m not sure about the things I learned about myself today.
I don’t like having to decide what’s best because the choices are hard.
I don’t want to keep moving as I always have.
Instead, I just want a Savior to take over and let me say “Yes!”

I have my doubts about my abilities;
I feel I don’t have the right education;
My family is a pressure to keep status quo.
And yet, I feel God nudging me into a new life; and I WANT to say, Yes!

But what is familiar is comfortable.
What is familiar is manageable.
What is familiar is even tolerable… I’ve done it so far.
But, it’s not entirely the thing to which I can say, Yes!

I’ve come to the end of my day.
Now, Lord, I’ll just mull it over with you.
I pray that you will give me some light,
some inspiration, some people in my life
to help me through to the next part –
the new life you have already prepared for me.

To Your help, to Your rest this evening,
to getting through to the Life you have prepared for me,

I say, Yes!

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