Meditations of the Heart (Thurman) Day 31

Thurman shares a prayer that he heard lifted in a worship service (p56).

She begins by acknowledging that God already knows our nature and our innermost thoughts.  Since nothing is hidden, she asks God to help us unburden ourselves of very disguise. She prays for strength for all of us to be what we are – humble and grateful children.

If that’s what you are, then how can you pretend to be anything else?  It must be because we can’t quite believe that we are precious and chosen children of the Most High, the ever pervading Love, the source of all that is good and lead to life.

She says, “Because we have talked with Thee here, may we be able to work more patiently for Thy Kingdom, bringing light up the problems that perplex the world, dispelling the night of doubt and fear with Thy sheltering love.  Amen.

Because (and when) we spend time in prayer (which the Dean of our seminary lovingly calls “wasting time with God”) it’s possible to remember who were are and get renewed for living that life.

Just pray christian-poetry-by-deborah-ann-just-pray1

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