Meditation of the Heart (Thurman) Day 1

We’re to create an island of peace within one’s own soul where we can approach the Presence of God “with no pretense, no dishonesty, no adulteration… to bring for view the purposes and dreams to which one’s life is tied.” (Howard Thurman, 17).

So, I found an image of an island and a sound file of the oldest chant we know from the Celtic tradition, The Song Of Amhairghin, as recorded on the CD “Arise My Love” by Macushla, Stefan Andre Waligur   (  I’m including a poem I wrote.

I Feel Your Presence With Me

O Mystical Creator, you formed me in the ancient days of love and harmony

I faintly remember, in the lining of my soul, the tranquility that hovered there.

In the days of now, the days of rising and not remembering yesterday’s sin,

The days of ignoring and denying my loose tongue and hurtful thoughts,   

You know exactly where I am when I sit and when I stand.

You know when I move forward for justice and when I stall with indifference.

Your surround me with my better self just beyond my own vision; but I feel it- that better self.

It is your presence with me that I see and hear making its way through today’s noise.

Where can I go from your presence since you formed me and have been with me since ancient days?

If I could run as a leopard, I couldn’t flee from your spirit.

If I could shift and swing as a monkey I couldn’t out maneuver your grace.

If I slid into a pit of deep despair as dark as any otter’s den, even there you would reach in.

I hear your voice, just beyond my hearing. I see my better self, just beyond my own vision.

Even when I try to run and hide I know you as “home”.

Thank you for calling me your own.

(Meandering on Psalm 139- Fa)

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