Living Yoga Training at Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram

Yes, there really is a place called Yogaville.  It’s not like “Margueritaville” well, maybe a little. It’s a happy place, a calm and peaceful place where everyone from anywhere and everywhere is welcomed. (Kinda like church… should be)

Yogaville sign

The road trip from Delaware was been spectacular.  Fortunately I had great weather for driving! The sky was sunny with puffy clouds.  The traffic was light.  The Blue Ridge Mountains off in the distance outweighed any trepidation of nearing Charlottesville (it’s been in the news because of marches with awful angst and hatred and countermarches).
Blue ridge of mountains to Yogaville
I exited before getting to Charlottesville to go toward Lynchburg instead.

mountain road to Yogaville.jpg

As the highway gave way to windy roads I began to settle in my heart and deeper in my person that I would be retreating and healing in a safe place. Arriving at the Ashram, you come to the “quad” where there are dorms, classroom buildings and the main hall for our meals and Saturday evening Satsang (chanting and worship).

Quad 1

Trail Walk at Yogaville

A walk on the path from the actual school’s “quad” was a lovely morning walking yoga to unite with nature.  After that I joined the rest of the yogis, ministers and swamis in  Shivananda Hall for breakfast.  All the meals are vegan.  You have to prepare your body for this kind of eating if you’re a carnivore.  I started eating mostly vegetarian two weeks before my arrival. Still, I’m adjusting (my tummy and gut are adjusting).  The food is delicious, prepared with good intentions by the volunteers from the various program as part of their Karma Yoga practice.   Mmmmmm, Om Shanti!Shivananda Hall



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